Monday, July 9, 2012

Calgary Stampede turns 100!

This past weekend the Calgary Stampede turned 100 years old. In almost predictable fashion they celebrated with a big parade to kick off 10 days of rodeo action, cowboys, fried foods, sunshine and flapjacks. I'm a sucker for a good parade and enjoyed this year's immensely. This year was also the first time I got tickets to the rodeo. Here is just a smattering of all the things I enjoyed this weekend! Yeehaw!

Watched the parade with Camille & Denise
At the Infield Bar with Courtney
At Nashville North with Paisley and Chris
Me getting my Stampede on
These are my mom's cowboy boots - over 25 years old!

This band came from Denmark
This one was from Germany (impressive!)
Giant Red River cart

Ukrainian dancers
These Canadian soldiers got the loudest cheers of the day (for good reason)
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Remember the movie "Cool Runnings"? Yup, it's the actual Jamaican bobsled!
My seats at the rodeo
Calliope music always makes me think of parades!
The Shriners funny planes
At the vintage tractor pull
Always my favourite - when the tanks whip a 360 on the parade route

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy birthday Canada!

While a little belated the sentiment is still there. Canada, you turned 145 years old on July 1st and you continue to grow more and more beautiful with each passing year. I'm so fortunate to call you home.

Canada Day long weekend was about friends and family ~ time in Saskatoon with friends and then the remainder of the weekend on the farm with my family. I live a charmed life, this weekend convinced me of it completely.

Bonne fete Canada!

Snow? Nope. Poplar fluff is everywhere still.
The tiger lilies at home are HUGE!

Sod as far as the eye can see

Sassy loved to play bocce with Mom and I

Sassy thought the bocce balls were for her only!