Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A piece of Canadian sporting history

These days you can't go very far anywhere in Canada without being reminded that the Winter Olympics will soon be underway in Vancouver. The media shows daily footage of the torch run as it makes it's way across the country. For months now athletes have already known they are going to the Olympics, all except for the curlers.

The other half of my holidays was spent back in Edmonton at the Roar of the Rings - the Olympic curling trials. My friend Courtney and her dad drove up from Calgary and we had tickets to the Thursday through Sunday curling action. Basically we caught the end of the round robin play and then had seats to all of the semi-final and final action.

It was electric and slightly emotional to watch the women's and then the men's teams qualify to represent Canada at the Olympics. I felt like I had been a part of Canadian history. There are pictures of the round robin play and then Team Martin receiving their gold medals. I've also included some pictures of the hijinx in The Patch. One thing curlers and their fans like to do is drink!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

PR Christmas fun

Last week I took holidays mostly at my boss's urging. I figured there was no better time then to head down to Calgary to visit some friends I had been long neglecting.

One of the things that I always enjoy doing is organizing a little PR holiday party for all of those still around in Calgary. I know we only graduated in 2007 but somehow after spending three intense years together studying, brainstorming, laughing and crying (yes lots of crying) we have all lost touch with each other a little bit.

This year we had a little party at one of the local pubs and we got a big crew out. I've attached a few rather sedate photos of us at the Rose & Crown and later on we moved to another pub (Ship & Anchor) for some late-night karaoke. It was a lot of fun and so great to bring all of our professional minds together for one night of networking and laughing it up! (Lloyd we missed you!).