Saturday, February 27, 2010

Soundtrack to our lives

Have you ever had something trigger a memory for you? For some it's a phrase, a smell or a photograph. Snap ~ it transports you back to the time and place, putting you back in the moment. For me, music has always been a part of significant memories, creating a soundtrack of sorts for my life. My soundtrack includes everything from Metallica to Frank Sinatra to the waltz my grandfather wrote for my grandmother.

When I finished my last exam in Grade 12 it was Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'" that I played loudly in my tin-box car as my friends threw their exam notes out the window as we cruised down the highway. When I was trying to hold together a shattered heart in Taiwan after being dumped by my first love, David Gray's "This Year's Loving" was the only thing that could console me. Many a cross-country road trip was done to any and all Barenaked Ladies albums.

I was pondering this on Friday as I drove from Edmonton back to Saskatchewan to my parent's home. The moon was bright in the clear prairie sky, stars shining and the white snow reflecting the nighttime landscape as I listened to Seal's "Amazing". I realized how amazing my life has been so far. The drive home itself was amazing under the bright, larger-than-life prairie moon. All of these songs are part of the soundtrack of my life. Each can instantly recall the joy and the pain imprinted on my mind from long ago.

Recently the song "I Believe" was unveiled as the official anthem for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver sung by 16 year old Nikki Yanofsky (see here). At first I thought the song was hokey but after hearing it for 17 magical days as it represented our athletes there is nothing I want on my iPod more.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Thank you in advance

What an epic Olympic adventure we Canadians have had these past few days, and the best is yet to come. I want to say thank you in advance to all of our athletes who have taken us on all of the thrills, chills and spills. You trained hard, you represented well and we are ever-so-proud of you. Celebrate, enjoy, revel in the experience as we have done at home (that includes YOU, women's hockey team). To VANOC and the Canadian Olympic Committee you have inspired a nation and welcomed international communities in style. Thank you for continuing to support our atheletes.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Olympic weekend and skiing in Banff

The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics are on and I swear I have been glued to any television I can find. In pubs, in shopping malls, in shop windows ~ every channel is tuned into the latest Olympic coverage. On Friday night my friend Courtney and I watched the opening ceremonies together as I was in Calgary visiting for the long weekend. You are so right was so fully of pageantry and I was awed and humbled to be Canadian watching the ceremonies. We're holding our own in the medal standings too. Our investment in our athletes has started to pay off!

I spent part of my long weekend out in Banff visiting my friends Dave and Amy (the same people from my Two Jack camping adventure this fall). Amy and I spent Saturday cross-country skiing near Lake Louise; the conditions were perfect, -7 degrees, sunshine and bright blue sky. We had some friends join us on our ski ~ there were four dog teams pulling sleds of tourists and it was fun to have them run by us yapping with their excitement. It was busy in the mountains this weekend because of the Family Day long weekend but regardless it was electric being in Banff ~ a centre that saw its share of tourists and athletes during the 1988 winter Olympics in Calgary. Thanks for cheering us on all the way over in Brisbane A-M ~ it is much appreciated!

Monday, February 8, 2010


The University of Alberta had an ambitious quest this past Friday of beating the Guinness World Record for largest dodgeball game ever held ~ and they did with 1,200 people showing up to play! It was apparently a bit of a melee but still brought people of all ages together. To celebrate the world record attempt the University also had a weekend of dodgeball scheduled. I participated in the Sunday dodgeball tournament and let me tell you I think my stomach hurts from the laughter as much as my arm hurts from throwing the balls. I've included a few photos of the fun.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Curlapalooza 2010

So you may have noticed that throughout the past year I've mentioned curling a few times. Yep, I like to watch curling but rarely set foot on an ice sheet myself. I got the opportunity to flex my curling muscle today as the faculty that I work for hosted a curling bonspiel called Curlapalooza.

This was my first Curlapalooza and also the first time I had curled in nearly three years. The organizers took great liberty with my curling "skills" and made me skip of my own team. Apparently the hours of television curling I have watched and attendance at the 2009 Brier and Roar of the Rings makes me an expert! ;)

We actually did really well today, we won both of our games and I actually could take some of the strategy I've learned from watching curling and put it into practice. Heck, maybe I should join a league here in the city. Problem: need to find three other players that would be interested in joining me. The saga continues.......

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Good news

So last Friday I finally inked a 6 month extension to my contract with my current employer. I'll be in Edmonton and working for the University of Alberta until the end of September 2010! It's comforting to know that I will be staying on longer and maybe even permanently after then.