Monday, November 29, 2010

Grey Cup 98

Sunday dawned grey and cool in Edmonton for the 98th Grey Cup at Commonwealth Stadium. Being the superstitious person that I am I took special care in my preparation for the game so that we could walk away with the big "W" at the end of the day. Sadly, all of my preparation still could not help my 'Riders beat the Montreal Alouettes in their second Grey Cup meeting in as many years.

I made the trip to the Grey Cup with some familiar faces (Mike and Brian from last year) and some new faces (Angie, Graham and Cody). Regardless of the final outcome, we had a lot of fun.

I can't help but feel a little bit of despair for the someone put it, "Last year we wanted them to win the cup for ourselves. This year we wanted them to win for the team". But at the same time I can't dwell on what didn't happen for us. The sun rose again today and life will go on for players and fans alike.

We'll get back to the Grey Cup again and true fans will be there to cheer them on every step along the way. Thank you for a great season Roughriders. See you in 2011!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Riderville at the 2010 Grey Cup

One of the places any good fan wants to be during the week leading up to the Grey Cup, is at the venue hosting entertainment and activities from their own football team. From the "Spirit of Edmonton" (for Eskimos fans) to the "Double Blue Bash" for Toronto Argonaut fans, each CFL team had their own venue to sell their merchandise, book their own entertainment and connect with their fans.

Riderville was the place this year that all CFL fans wanted to get in to. Known for some of the craziest costumes and loudest fans, people came for a drink but would stay for hours. The popularity of this event grows each year as fans waited in line for 4-6 hours to get in.

I took Paisley, Courtney and Natalie with me and they had an amazing time. I think I converted them to Saskatchewan fans ~ even just for a weekend! And although I don't have any pictures to back this up, I did meet actual Roughriders themselves this weekend at Riderville. What an amazing way for fans to feel close to their team! Thanks Riderville for the great times!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hot to Huddle - Flash Mob!

So not only has my favourite football team made it to the Grey Cup finals yet again, and not only is it in my city this year and I have tickets, I decided to be a participant in the opening ceremonies tonight. We did a flash mob especially for the Grey Cup and this is the best video I can find of it so far. It was a complete rush and I loved every moment of it!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another trip to the Grey Cup!!!

It came down to another big football game between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Calgary Stampeders for the Western Final in the CFL. We were in the same position last year when we won the game and I scrambled to find tickets with Mike, Ken and Brian to the 97th Grey Cup in Calgary.

Fast forward and this year we faced the same team in slightly different circumstances. Last year's game was played in Regina (can't beat a home-town crowd for the win). This year the game was in Calgary and it was a chilly one (the last report pegged the temperature at -27 out on the field). It didn't seem to matter as the Riders managed to hold on for a 20-16 win over the Stamps. I took in the game with friends Mike and Angie again, following near-to-same steps as last year when we watched the game together (what? I'm a wee bit superstitious).

I bought my tickets for the 98th Grey Cup back in June, with a premonition that my team would be playing the final. Not only are the playing the final, in my new home-town (yay Edmonton!) but we're matched yet again with the Montreal Alouettes whom we lost to last year (let's not discuss the 13th man debacle). I can't wait to see how Edmonton ramps it up this week/end and I really can't wait to cheer my team on for the win.....I can feel it deep down in my bones, this year we're going to win!!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rollin', rollin', rollin'......

From Red Deer I headed south to Calgary ~ why? Well for a few reasons. It was my good friend Paisley's birthday, it was the grand opening for Barron Tattoo and it was a great opportunity to just relax and catch up with Courtney.

I had to be down for a workshop this Tuesday so I took advantage of an extra day of vacation to hang out with Paisley, Denise, Courtney and Jason. Here are a few shots from the grand opening gala for Barron Tattoo:

And here are some pictures from Paisley's "birthday week" kick off! Happy birthday girl ~ I can't believe it has been a year already since you and Denise came to E-town for the big celebration. My how time flies!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

On the road again.......

I know, I know, it's been a while since I blogged. Quite frankly there hasn't been much worth blogging about (unless you want me to go on and on about my Roughriders).

Remembrance Day came and went last Thursday which meant we had a holiday and we had the extra bonus of a furlough day (day off) on Friday as well. I chose to hit the highway again, heading south towards Calgary with a stop-over in Red Deer first.

Red Deer is a city I've never explored mostly because it's halfway between Calgary and Edmonton. If I'm not stopping along the side of the highway for gas, snacks or a bathroom break I don't bother stopping at all. After spending a few days there I realized how lovely a city it really was. I spent an afternoon in the historic downtown district ~ love the beauty of it!

I spent the time with my friend Joscelyn and her family. Jos used to live in Nunavut and since she's moved down to Red Deer I haven't had a chance to visit her new home. Thanks to her and her family for welcoming me and showing me around town. Next stop.....Calgary!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Hallo..what?!

Some folks get right into Halloween ~ the costumes, the makeup, the scary movies and the parties. I am not original at all when it comes to Halloween and usually pull something together at the last minute.

Last year Halloween was easy; my friend Lloyd planned a Hawaiian Halloween beer party at his place. Simple enough. This year though Lloyd wasn't having a party and I was still battling my tonsil infection and felt less than inclined to dress up.

I made the trip down to Calgary anyway to catch up with friends Courtney, Paisley and Denise and to go and see my friend's band play. While down in Calgary Courtney and I also got inked. Yup, you heard right - we got tattoos. I had booked mine a while back but Courtney's was completely on impulse (and it looks gorgeous too).

Another great Halloween under our belts I'm so glad I made the trip. It was memorable!