Monday, August 31, 2009

Cold Lake, camping and a fish story

We are currently enjoying one of the last great heat waves that we can probably expect to enjoy before summer slips into fall. With temperatures hovering around the +30 degree mark, we considered it fantastic that we had chosen this past weekend to drive to Cold Lake to do some camping and fishing.

Mike, Angie and I hit the highway Friday afternoon and got to Cold Lake around 4 p.m. We were visiting our friends Jody and Elaine there, so they met us at the provincial park and had already reserved our campsites for us. A quick unpack, tent set-up and it was straight into some beer and visiting. We called it an early'ish night on Friday because we knew we were going to catch the "big one" the next day (or at least that's what we hoped).

We hit the lake around noon on Saturday, loaded with the right lures to supposedly catch some lake trout, minnows to entice the fishies, some snacks and enough optimism to float the boat practically. After nearly 5 hours on the water and crossing to various different "hot spots" on the lake, all we caught was one undersized jackfish that we had to let go. I kept thinking of the first time Will and I met our friend A-M in Manly last April. Her hubby and boys were enthusiastically fishing off the breakwater, but it didn't look like they had caught anything substantial. You had the right idea A-M ~ there should've been a fish 'n chip shop up the road that we could've invaded and called it our own catch! We called it a day finally and went back ashore in search of some ice cold beer.

The campsite got hopping as we over-compensated with no fish by grilling every kind of meat known to man (steak, deer, hot dogs, chicken, pork etc). Jody and Elaine had some of their friends come to visit and we were up until 1:30 just having some laughs and drinking.

Although we wanted to get out in the boat one last time yesterday, the temperature was just too hot and we were too tired from Saturday. We pulled out of the park around noon and went to Jody and Elaine's for a bit of a visit before hitting the highway back to Edmonton. I have to say I am officially glad that I was home this summer for all of the adventures I've been having, the friends I've reconnected with and the new faces I've met.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Camrose invasion

I will admit I skipped entering a blog about my visit last weekend to Camrose only because my friend Sarah asked me to hold off. I think it's safe now to do so, so here exciting adventure in Camrose!

Last Sunday I drove the hour south-east'ish of Edmonton to go and have brunch with my friend Sarah in the community of Camrose where she is a librarian with the University of Alberta's satellite campus, Augustana. I have been intrigued to visit the community because my brother lived there for a year and Camrose is also home to the largest outdoor country concert every year, the Big Valley Jamboree.

Sarah showed me around Augustana Campus and even took me on a tour of her workplace - the library that is currently being dismantled to move into it's new facilities. This library is the coolest, creepiest place I've ever been in!

We hit Dairy Queen after for some Blizzard action and then went back to her place to chill before I hit the highway. It wasn't a big weekend out but I still got to see a different bit of Alberta. I'm so glad I've got Lydia now, I've really missed road-trips!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ultimate 'Rider pride!

No one shows her true 'Rider colours more than my best friend Blythe. Here's a picture of her, her husband and their son at a football game a few weeks ago. How cute are they?!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Comment issues?

I seem to be struck with the same comment problems as my friend A-M encountered with her blog. My sister just asked me if I hadn't liked her comment from a blog I posted two weeks back. I never saw this comment. I'm realizing now that there have been no new comments for quite a while. I'm hoping it's just a glitch. Does anyone have any advice?

Pre-wedding fun in Calgary

I have one more wedding on my social calendar for 2009 ~ my friends Bonnie & Curtis will be getting married on the September long weekend. This past weekend I was in Calgary for Bonnie's stagette on the Friday night and then wedding shower on the Saturday. Friday night we just did dinner theatre at Jubilations; we saw "Sexy Gals in the City". I did manage to get some fun photos of the shower on Saturday though:

After the shower I headed back down to trusty #1 to spend time visiting with some of my favourite people. You may recognize some faces from my last visit to Cowtown in "Calgary Times" (see previous post). I had a wonderful weekend with lots of laughs, great company of friends and some amazing food (Amy you make killer brownies)!

Friday, August 7, 2009

An evening with Tracy Chapman and Sarah McLachlan

Every summer Edmonton puts on one of the biggest Folk Festivals in Canada. The venue is held on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River valley which makes for the coolest natural amphitheatre around. My friend (and former PR classmate) Andra works for the local non-profit radio station, CKUA, and had tickets to see Tracy Chapman and Sarah McLachlan this past Wednesday. I jumped at the opportunity to go!

Here are a few pictures of me, Andra and Heather enjoying the sights, the amazing music and smells (if you've ever been to a folk music festival you'll know what I mean when I talk about the smells ;) of Edmonton at dusk. We were about 25 rows up from the stage and you can see the "sea" of people in front of us ~ but if we turned around and looked behind us there were just as many people behind us as well. It was awe inspiring!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A morning hike in the park

On the Monday before I departed back to Edmonton my parents took me up to Waskesui (aka Prince Albert National Park and home to Grey Owl) which lies roughly 90 kms. north of their house. I hadn't been there in years and I was looking forward to seeing how the park had changed as well as doing some hiking in the park.

Waskesui didn't disappoint with wildlife right inside the park gates, a great hike with Sassy along the Waskesui River, some great vistas to photograph, a lovely lunch in town and ice cream from Big Olaf's to top the morning off.


If it's true that home is where the heart is, then my heart will always be at my parent's house. I never grow tired of just hanging out at home with my folks (and Sassy of course). Here are a few pictures of the house and yard....