Saturday, April 30, 2011

Catching my breath

Wow how did April go by so quickly? Where did the time fly to? Easter flew by in a blur, what with my brother getting married and everything. Congrats brother and new sister-in-law, we're so excited to have you in the family!

I had a great time at home soaking up sun on the front deck at my parents house last weekend with my best friend by my side. Every time I go home I swear that I will move back someday soon.

Now I sit downstairs at my work station in Edmonton, procrastinating on my first writing assignment, due the first day of classes. May 2nd my master's studies begin. I'm nervous beyond belief, worried that I'm in over my head. Wish me luck, I am going to really need it!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter is a time for family

And I will be getting my fill of it this weekend. Little brother is getting married on Saturday and I can't wait for the occasion!

Happy Easter all, I hope wherever you are that you're with loved ones.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Blogging and privacy

I've been giving a lot of thought to blogging and some of the privacy concerns that may arise from sharing your thoughts, links and pictures with the outside world.

I've always been on one side of the fence blogging my heart out ~ sharing my thoughts, sharing my photos and sharing my world including my family and friends. It never occurred to me that perhaps someone I care about doesn't like having their name or photo posted all over my blog (to tell the truth it really hasn't ever been an issue and I've always tried to be respectful).

But last weekend in Calgary I had two separate incidents where I ended up being the subject matter in two separate blogs (one I knew about, the other I didn't). First, to my surprise and to the congrats and kudos of friends far and wide, my girlfriends and I ended up in famous Calgary blogger Kelly Oxford's Eject last Friday.

When I connected with Kelly via Twitter this past Monday she asked right away if I wanted the pictures she had posted taken down. While this blog posting had happened without any permissions given by me or the other girls we decided to let things ride and we told Kelly to keep the pictures up. We've had a lot of people connect with us based on that one little post last Friday.

Later this week while in the back end of Blogger working on my own blog I noticed a posting done by Foxy Boudoir ~ a company that I had just done a photo shoot with while in Calgary last weekend. They had taken a handful of photos from my session and posted them on their blog.

I had known that something like this would be happening (heck I was writing a testimonial for them right then) but I had assumed that there would be a heads-up or permission asked to post the photos before they would publish anything. Apparently those photos were just a teaser for me (and the world) to enjoy until I can get down to Calgary again to view the whole lot of pics.

So I've been thinking all week about both situations. One I knew about, the other I didn't. Both affected me differently. Oddly enough the impromptu posting by Kelly Oxford didn't bother me as much as the somewhat known posting by Foxy Boudoir. Why? I think it was because I had expected to be giving my permission for the Foxy Boudoir blog posting.

It also got my brain thinking about taking pictures and/or video in public places and posting them online. We do it daily through Facebook, Twitter and on blogs. But do we need to ask people's permission before we post this material? Where are the guidelines in this ever changing medium? What are the best practices? I'd love to hear some of your thoughts.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy 30th Denise!

I've said it time and again but I love my friends down in Calgary and miss them a lot. We always find opportunities to get together and celebrate ~ this weekend happened to be for a celebration of Denise's 30th.

Courtney, Paisley and I took Denise out to Alloy, a mod little restaurant in Calgary, for some bubbly, great food and lots of laughs. We even happened to capture the attention of famous Calgary blogger Kelly Oxford! Boy does she have our Sex and the City characters pegged.

These kinds of weekends will soon come to a close as I focus more on my studies. I plan on grabbing every last moment that I can.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Servin' up some spring!

I think spring is in full swing here in Edmonton (I say that quietly so I won't jinx it). Seriously the gophers, rabbits and birds got the memo long before we Edmontonians did....we can shake off the sweaters folks and start daring to step out in flip-flops! (Look how the snow has disappeared out front and back for us!).

My parents were in town this past weekend to hang out, catch up and help me get prepared for my master's studies to begin. Check out the sweet study space we built this weekend ~ I truly can't wait to get down there with my computer and some books to get motivated!

What better way to celebrate a great visit with family and the nice weather then by having a BBQ! The feeling in the air is making me itch for road-trips and camping. I can't wait for summer to get here.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Hello sunshine....

It's been a while since we've seen you around these parts......

Have a great weekend everyone!