Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My very happy un-birthday

Well I celebrated a milestone yesterday ~ 35 years old. Sigh. A year ago if you asked me what I'd be doing for my 35th I would've told you that I was renting a hall, hiring a DJ and doing my birthday up in style. But as the date approached I just felt like doing absolutely nothing. I didn't really mention my birthday was coming up, I didn't plan anything elaborate to celebrate, I just kept it under wraps.

Thankfully I have fabulous family and friends that dragged me out of the house to celebrate in some fashion. Biggest thanks to my parents who drove from Saskatchewan to celebrate and my friend Courtney who came all the way from Calgary. Wow, So amazing.

And huge thanks to my roomie Natalie who organized the friends and grabbed a table at the local. It was an amazing Tuesday for me and it really was one of the best birthdays I've had in a long time. Thank you all for your texts, tweets, phone calls and emails. I so appreciate you all.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

In search of snow...

This winter has been the barest I can ever recall. We cobbled together a skiff of snow for the holidays to make it feel somewhat like Christmas but it has been bare, brown and warm'ish all winter long.

I was in Calgary last week taking a block-week intensive elective and when I finally emerged from books, papers, presentations and procrastination I felt like heading to the mountains in search of some "real" snow.

After celebrating little Miss C's first birthday on the Saturday, I headed to Banff with a familiar character (can you recognize Will anyone?) to celebrate our friend Amy's birthday. We had a fabulous visit, homemade pizza and wine and on Sunday, the best part of all......cross-country skiing outside of Lake Louise. There was a lot of uphill climbing and then some downhill spills but we had so much fun and it felt good to be out gliding through the snow again.

I think I'll be heading west more often if winter doesn't show up properly soon. The lure of snow is just too great! Thanks again Dave, Amy and Will for a fun Banff adventure.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Was There

Hockey is part of the Canadian backbone ~ something that most kids learn to play from a very young age. I remember becoming a 'rink rat' at the age of five as I went to my younger brother's hockey practices and games. There is something about the crisp air in a natural ice hockey rink (can you smell the onion rings?). Never one to miss out on the action, I played ringette (definition here for those who have never played) in high school and campus recreation hockey in university. Needless to say it's in my blood.

So when I was approached by a fellow former PR classmate to be involved on the 2012 World Junior Hockey Championship social media committee, I couldn't say no. Held from December 26 to December 31st in Edmonton and January 2 to 6th in Calgary, there was plenty of opportunity to be involved. I volunteered for eight months on the Twitter account for the World Juniors and what an experience I had. Together with eight other social media pros spread between Calgary and Edmonton we built an amazing following on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and YouTube. It exceeded my expectations!

Look at me Ma! I'm tweeting.

My roomie Natalie multi-tasking for Facebook.

My view from the press box.

The theme for this year's tournament was "I Was There" ~ so fitting from every angle when you think of it. I can say that I was definitely there and the memories and impact on me will last a lifetime. Thanks to this opportunity my love for hockey has been reignited.
This Canada flag is HUGE! Passed around the crowd
before every game.

This was the pre-game skate before the Canada v.s. U.S.A game
on New Year's Eve. It was loud in the house that night!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A happy, shiny new year

Happy new year friends and welcome 2012. I truly enjoyed 2011, all the ups and downs, lessons learned and laughter had. I can only hope for more of the same in the coming year.

I saw someone post on Twitter today how they were going to set goals for 2012 instead of making resolutions. I think this man is on to something and so I've thought of goals to set for 2012.

  1. I'm going to look after me. That means fitness, beauty, health and happiness. I'm signed up for two fitness classes beginning in early January and that is a start. A warm vacation to follow in February and really the sky is the limit this year.
  2. I'm going to reconnect with people I've lost touch with. This past year has been a busy one for me and sadly I let some good friendships fall by the wayside. More letters, emails and phone calls are in my future!
  3. I'm going to write more. Yes, my job is public relations and communications ~ I do a lot of writing. I want to get back to the writing I used to do. Poetry. Haiku's. Short stories. Reflections. I always find it so cathartic. That means hopefully more blogging in my future. Stay tuned!
  4. I am going to laugh more. The deep belly-laugh kind. That comes from spending a lot of time with the friends I've lost touch with (see #2). I want to smile until my cheeks hurt this year.
I already like the looks and sound of 2012 just by the list I've made. What are your goals for 2012? Happy New Year everyone!