Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What Christmas means to me....

After getting back to Edmonton after six glorious, restful days at home in Saskatchewan I had some time to reflect on what this Christmas meant to me.

This year Santa spoiled me more than usual but I realize that in his own special way he's preparing me for the adventures that 2011 will bring. I was also spoiled by having the chance to catch up with some familiar faces both family and friends that I hadn't seen in a long time.

I felt truly blessed this year as I finally was able to sit and play Christmas carols on the violin with my grandfather and my cousins. I remember last year at Christmas vowing that I would be sitting and playing this year and I made it a reality. Moments like these are precious and few so I will hold on to the memories created.

It was cold, it was snowy but the winter wonderland created at home reminded me of how much I love winter on the prairies. The trees were thick with hoar frost and when my mom, aunt and I went for a cross-country ski the pine boughs were so heavy with frost and snow that they bent over our ski trail, creating the most gorgeous natural arch.

The older I get the less concerned I am with what I get for Christmas and the more I stop to enjoy the small things that make the holiday special. I hope you all had a similar Christmas.....

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