Sunday, October 21, 2012


Today is a day of milestone birthdays at either end of the spectrum. Today Mike and Angie's little baby Beck turns one! He had a birthday party yesterday and was as busy as any one-year-old can be. He's grown so much and gotten cuter by the day (if it's possible this kid can do it). What a change from when I first met him in November 2011!
 Beck last November at only a few weeks old
 Yesterday Beck was totally into his yogurt 
My grandfather also celebrates his birthday today. He turns 92 and in this day and age that is a true milestone. I'm going to call him at noon today and do the only thing I know I can to make his birthday brighter - play him "Happy Birthday" on the violin.
 This is why I love my grandfather - Easter 2010 and he's playing MarioKart with us!
Happy birthday to my very "young" grandfather
I'd better brush up on this before I play Happy Birthday for him

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