Monday, February 15, 2010

Olympic weekend and skiing in Banff

The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics are on and I swear I have been glued to any television I can find. In pubs, in shopping malls, in shop windows ~ every channel is tuned into the latest Olympic coverage. On Friday night my friend Courtney and I watched the opening ceremonies together as I was in Calgary visiting for the long weekend. You are so right was so fully of pageantry and I was awed and humbled to be Canadian watching the ceremonies. We're holding our own in the medal standings too. Our investment in our athletes has started to pay off!

I spent part of my long weekend out in Banff visiting my friends Dave and Amy (the same people from my Two Jack camping adventure this fall). Amy and I spent Saturday cross-country skiing near Lake Louise; the conditions were perfect, -7 degrees, sunshine and bright blue sky. We had some friends join us on our ski ~ there were four dog teams pulling sleds of tourists and it was fun to have them run by us yapping with their excitement. It was busy in the mountains this weekend because of the Family Day long weekend but regardless it was electric being in Banff ~ a centre that saw its share of tourists and athletes during the 1988 winter Olympics in Calgary. Thanks for cheering us on all the way over in Brisbane A-M ~ it is much appreciated!


  1. Oh your pictures... hubby and I are just drooling. Doesn't look busy at all... try skiing in Australia during the busy times... no thanks. We are loving every minute of the olympics... TV is never off....breaking all 'house rules' ....which makes concentrating on trigonometry a bit difficult... a go slow on maths at present. Watching the luge doubles tonight... oh the speed. Must admit, I have been LOVING the snowboarding... sooo exciting. A-M xx

  2. OMG, OMG, did you see, our Tora won the gold in the Ladies' Halfpipe. Be still my heart!!! ... and we don't even have any decent snow in this country. Yay! little Aussie!... still baracking for the big Canada in everything that doesn't have an Aussie in it! A-M xx

  3. Hello from Ontario! I have been enjoying reading your blog. I have featured you here: