Saturday, February 6, 2010

Curlapalooza 2010

So you may have noticed that throughout the past year I've mentioned curling a few times. Yep, I like to watch curling but rarely set foot on an ice sheet myself. I got the opportunity to flex my curling muscle today as the faculty that I work for hosted a curling bonspiel called Curlapalooza.

This was my first Curlapalooza and also the first time I had curled in nearly three years. The organizers took great liberty with my curling "skills" and made me skip of my own team. Apparently the hours of television curling I have watched and attendance at the 2009 Brier and Roar of the Rings makes me an expert! ;)

We actually did really well today, we won both of our games and I actually could take some of the strategy I've learned from watching curling and put it into practice. Heck, maybe I should join a league here in the city. Problem: need to find three other players that would be interested in joining me. The saga continues.......

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