Saturday, June 12, 2010

2010 World Cup Fever!

Only the second day in to the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa and I'm addicted again! I was up early this morning to watch my favourites, South Korea, defeat Greece 2-0.

Reminiscing over my experiences living in South Korea, in particular, I remember the summer of 2002. South Korea co-hosted the 2002 FIFA World Cup with Japan and it was a crazy summer! Not only did my friends and I take in a match at Incheon's Munhak Stadium (Costa Rica vs. Turkey), but our beloved Taeguk Warriors (South Korean team) defied all expectations and eliminated team after team until they were one of four left in the championship.

It's hard to describe the pandemonium, excitement and overall joie de vivre that gripped the Korean peninsula that summer but it was magical. I remember the street parties, the late-night phone calls my parents must have received as I exuberantly shared the details of another Korean win and the lack of teaching at my school that summer. That kind of feeling can never be duplicated.

Good luck to my favourite team, the South Korean Taeguk Warriors!
** Sorry about the poor photo quality

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  1. Oh we're in the thick of it here Andrea, despite the moving boxes. Poor old Robert Green got a roasting from this little world cup addicted family today. A-M xx