Friday, August 27, 2010

Celebrate good times....C'mon!

Well it's taken a lot of sweat, stress and some swearing this summer but we finally were able to launch our new website for my faculty on Wednesday; visit to check it out.

So while our small team of four worked diligently on this project, we found that our hard work hadn't gone entirely unnoticed. We launched the website on Wednesday and on Thursday afternoon we were invited out to a faculty member's "cottage" for a celebratory retreat.

Situated on Pigeon Lake about an hour south-west of Edmonton this cottage is where I could live right now. This place burned to the ground five years ago and Lory and her husband have worked painstakingly to rebuild.

I really wanted to capture how gorgeous their cottage is - they are avid antique'ers and have added little extra touches all over the home to give you the feel that it has been standing on the land for the 50+ years it had, before burning down. It was the best afternoon celebration that our team could ask for!

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  1. OMG look at the logs! Oh things of stone and wood get my heart a fluttering... and give me an angled roof any day! Isn't it a gorgeous cottage! Sounds like a wonderful afternoon Andrea! A-M xx