Saturday, February 5, 2011

Curlapalooza 2011!

Another year and another fantastic reason to get out of the house and on a curling sheet. Today we held Curlapalooza 2011 at the Granite Curling Club in Edmonton. The fourth year this event has been held and it's a raging success and a sell-out every year.

This year was extra fun and extra special as Courtney was in town and pressed into action to fill in a space where we'd had a cancellation. Everyone knows how much Courtney and I love our curling.....all you have to do is remember these two separate occasions: Andrea goes to the Brier! and A piece of Canadian sporting history. It was extra fun to have her out curling with some of our faculty, staff and students yesterday.

Lots of fun was had and it was a bit bitter-sweet as it will be the last Curlapalooza my Wellness Committee co-chair Ian Colman will help with before he moves to Ottawa. I've got some big shoes to fill next year. Thanks again School of Public Health staff, faculty, students, friends and family!

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