Monday, February 21, 2011

Family Day long weekend 2011

I just arrived back in Edmonton this afternoon after a super-fun long weekend in Calgary spent with friends. I can't believe at this time last year we were in the throes of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and I had gone out to Lake Louise to go cross-country skiing with my friend Amy.

This Family Day long weekend was just as much fun as I participated in a sno-pitch tournament that my friend Lloyd had organized. No we don't play ball with a snowball, we just played slo-pitch baseball in the snow. It was chilly this year with the temperature sitting around -24 degrees and my beer kept freezing on me whilst I was playing in the outfield :), but with sufficient layers of clothing on we all had a fantastic day.

While in Calgary I also got the chance to finally catch up with Bonnie and Curtis and I got to meet their new little girl, Chloe. She's a cutie-pie and has equal parts of mom and dad in her (they both agree it's their bad traits!).

It was a perfect weekend with friends (thanks again Lloyd, Paisley, Courtney, Will, Curtis, Bonnie, Jason and Andrea). I can't wait for my next trip down!

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