Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Birthdays, bowling and saying goodbye to my Regina home

Man it feels like I did a lot of driving this past weekend. Oh wait, I did. From Edmonton to Saskatoon on Friday night I had five hours of my own thoughts and a gorgeous prairie sunset. A quick stop-over at my sister's house to recharge overnight. Then it was on to our brother's house in Regina.

This weekend was eerily reminiscent of my trip down to Regina last year around this time. At the tail end of my holidays then I was down to celebrate my sister's and my brother's girlfriend's birthdays. It was much the same this year ~ right down to bowling at the same bowling hall and wearing funny hats. I love my family.

What was different this year is that it was the last time we could all get together as a family at my brother's house in Regina. He and his girlfriend have sold their place and are moving back to my hometown to start farming with my father. I can't wait to have them closer to home so that we can all be together during holidays. What a fantastic weekend to celebrate birthdays and time with family!

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