Monday, May 9, 2011

A visit to the Royal Alberta Museum

There's nothing I love more than being a tourist in my own city. Having classmates who are in Edmonton from out of town gives me the perfect time to not only play tour guide but also for me to see parts of this city that I haven't visited yet.

Yesterday my friend Hillary and I took a break from the studies and spent the afternoon at the Royal Alberta Museum. Settled on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River the museum has sprawling grounds that includes Government House, where the governor general for Alberta used to reside.

Government House and the museum grounds

Totem pole

Hillary and I had a fantastic afternoon taking in the wildlife exhibits, the bugs, cool rocks and displays of what life was like for Native Canadians (all breathtaking in their detail). We basically let our imaginations run free and we're so glad we did. Thanks for the afternoon of fun Hillary!

Hillary puts her sustainability skills to the test


Bighorn sheep

We spotted a cougar! (outside of a bar too!)

These rocks are glowing under the black light

Eeeuughh! I hate spiders!

Hillary wishes she could take this dinosaur home

Wooly Mammoth

Figurines of buffalo carved by native Canadians

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