Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Was There

Hockey is part of the Canadian backbone ~ something that most kids learn to play from a very young age. I remember becoming a 'rink rat' at the age of five as I went to my younger brother's hockey practices and games. There is something about the crisp air in a natural ice hockey rink (can you smell the onion rings?). Never one to miss out on the action, I played ringette (definition here for those who have never played) in high school and campus recreation hockey in university. Needless to say it's in my blood.

So when I was approached by a fellow former PR classmate to be involved on the 2012 World Junior Hockey Championship social media committee, I couldn't say no. Held from December 26 to December 31st in Edmonton and January 2 to 6th in Calgary, there was plenty of opportunity to be involved. I volunteered for eight months on the Twitter account for the World Juniors and what an experience I had. Together with eight other social media pros spread between Calgary and Edmonton we built an amazing following on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and YouTube. It exceeded my expectations!

Look at me Ma! I'm tweeting.

My roomie Natalie multi-tasking for Facebook.

My view from the press box.

The theme for this year's tournament was "I Was There" ~ so fitting from every angle when you think of it. I can say that I was definitely there and the memories and impact on me will last a lifetime. Thanks to this opportunity my love for hockey has been reignited.
This Canada flag is HUGE! Passed around the crowd
before every game.

This was the pre-game skate before the Canada v.s. U.S.A game
on New Year's Eve. It was loud in the house that night!


  1. Was it 2012? Or 2011? Honestly - I don't even know when all the games happened...so un-Canadian.

  2. While taking place over 2011 and 2012 this tournament is officially the 2012 World Junior Hockey Championships in Edmonton and Calgary. :)