Monday, July 25, 2011

Cold Lake camping (aka. 3rd Annual Meatfest)

Camping has to be my most favourite part of summer. Now that the sunshine has truly decided to hang around I've just been itching to dig out the camping equipment and head to the lake. Two weeks ago I took a Friday off work and on the Thursday night Mike, Angie and I drove up to Cold Lake to meet up with our friends Jody and Elaine and their family.

Two years ago we did the first camping trip to Cold Lake and after all of us brought our coolers together and took stock of what we had brought we noticed meat was the common denominator. Moving forward we've called the camping trip Meatfest, and while the meat is a common factor, the purpose is to get together and catch up on what's been happening over the past year.

We got out on the lake three separate times to do some fishing but even with seven fishing rods in the water and multiple fish showing on the fish finder nothing was biting. We got sunburned, we donated blood to the local mosquito population, we ate too much and slept late but it was the best weekend I've had in a long time. Thank you everyone for making it so much fun, I can't wait for Meatfest next year!


  1. Hello Andrea

    What beautiful photos - very real and candid.

    The lake looks like it is huge.

    Meat fest - I did a sudden suck of air in when I saw the "friend" in the frying pan.
    Please add caption for me next time saying "don't worry" "just a friend, not the meat".......

    have great day, I love fishing so much but not quite the camping gal anymore (well I don't think I am).



  2. I had thought of the unfortunate optics of having a squirrel in the frying pan and titling my blog posting "Meatfest"! ;) Yes our furry little friend was capitalizing on our laziness with dishes - he was not on the menu! Have a great day Loulou!