Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Friendships that last forever

Staying connected over time, distance and circumstances is still not easy even considering all of the ways we're plugged in to our world these days.

This weekend I got together with three very special people in my life ~ all of them friends, co-workers and family that I lived and worked with in South Korea between 2001 and 2004. Sunday was the first time all four of us had been together since 2004 and I was so happy to have us all in one place.

We may have changed in some ways but the fundamentals are still there. We are still the same people we remember from all those years ago. We may not be the best at staying in touch but we still love each other just the same. Cheers to the crew, it's so lovely to call you friends!


  1. Hello Andrea

    What a great photo and what a great story of friendship.

    I am such a mushy person when it comes to friends. Recently I had 3 very good friends of mine all move to far away places at the same time. it really broke my heart. I wasn't asking for life to stand still - I just hate the investment of friendship and time it takes to really make a good friend and then it can move on - just like that!.
    As the saying goes:
    "A reason, A season, A lifetime".....

    You see apparently - I'd give the shirt off my back to help people and make sure they are ok.
    Though I feel I am extremely selective on who I let in my "circle" and call a friend.

    have a great day my friend x


  2. Yep, the best things in life are not things! How lovely Miss A. A-M xx