Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Fringe is in town!

It's time for the Fringe Festival in Edmonton! What does that mean? Your fill of buskers, street performers, plays, masks, streetcars, midway rides, drama, sunshine, markets, playbills and lots and lots of carnival food!

The Fringe Festival (Fringeopolis the theme this year) draws a larger crowd with each passing year. It attracts its fair share of funders and freaks but is loved by many and this year I vowed to spend some serious time checking it all out.

On Saturday I hit up the Strathcona Farmer's Market before wandering the streets in the Old Strathcona neighbourhood, taking in all the Fringe had to offer. It was a rare +30 day for us and after an hour of being buffeted by the crowds I retreated to a Starbucks to cool down.

Reinforcements were on their way! Will made the drive up from Calgary to come for a visit and check out what I was raving about. By the time he arrived later in the afternoon the heat of the day had passed, the Fringe was really starting to ramp up and we were energized to take in the sights.

Fortified with mini-donuts and homemade rootbeer we took in the hilarious Be Arthur's ukulele tribute to the "ladies" (Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, etc.) and snapped photos of the High Level Streetcar.

Sunday we woke up early and got our Fringe going before lunchtime. We sampled some churros this time (not nearly as good as the ones at the Southbank market in Brisbane), more rootbeer and took in another play. Afterwards, we hopped the streetcar to downtown, chatting with the conductors and other tourists along the way. We finally wrapped the day by flying a kite on the Legislature grounds ~ a perfect weekend in my books.

I am never bored in this city and it was so nice to finally be able to share with someone else what motivates me to get out and get involved!


  1. Hi Andrea

    What a great day it looked to be.

    I loved the look of all the street performers. I remember when Brisbane held the World Expo in 1988 - it was a never ending party and you had to watch yourself walking along as there was always a large crowd of people gathered watching another fabulous street performance.

    Who is that shaded man with that fabulous eye behind the lens? :)

    Great day out - hmmm... what was missing.... I know ME xoxoxoxox

    have a great day lovely.


  2. Yes I confess I LOVE THE FRINGE!!!!