Monday, November 7, 2011

The coffee break of the new age

This post is inspired by my readings this week in my master's program and a thoughtful conversation I had last night with @matt_bisson. This week we had to digest the theory of Marshall McLuhan - of "the medium is the message" fame.

Our class has talked a lot about electronic media and how it's changed our society. Last night Matthew and I started talking about how more and more people are taking time during their work day to surf Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. He mentioned that studies were showing people need that time to disconnect from work, let the mind roam free and then they can return to the task at hand refreshed and ready to go.

What Matthew was saying makes sense to me, and it also made me think of YouTube'ing becoming the new coffee break for the new generation. Instead of taking 15 minutes away from the desk to go for a coffee with co-workers, are we now switching the rules by surfing the Net instead?

I'll leave you all with this - my MACT classmate @CarolynFreed did a YouTube mash-up for our readings this week. I find it hilarious! I would definitely take time out of my work day to watch this.

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