Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Beautiful Burlington Vermont

My sincere apologies for lagging on the blogging. It's been a crazy summer, but it's a good crazy if that explains things at all. I've been traveling quite a bit lately, for work and for pleasure, and it's high time I shared where I've been.

It all kicked off with a four-day visit to Burlington, Vermont, nestled on the edges of Lake Champlain. I was attending a summer institute on alumni relations held at the University of Vermont. I learned so much from my American neighbours and I made some great friends!
 Dorm living

We spent our first night at Echo Aquarium getting to know one another, share our work stories and enjoy gorgeous sunsets. 

The next two nights found us enjoying downtown Burlington's gorgeous architecture, the lively scene on Church Street, excellent shopping, amazing boutiques and delicious restaurants. We even stopped for a little bit of what makes Burlington famous - Ben & Jerry's!

 These frat houses are just gorgeous!

Church Street at night is magical!
Our final evening in Burlington was spent cruising Lake Champlain on The Spirit of the Ethan Allen III. It was a low-key, celebratory evening of taking pictures, swapping business cards, talking about work, lots of dancing and thanking the faculty members for all they shared with us. I made great friends, I saw a new part of the world, I relaxed, I learned and I had fun. I can't wait to get back to Burlington and the rest of Vermont very soon!

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