Sunday, August 12, 2012

Down home vacation

Once I returned from Vermont I still had a week of vacation to look forward to and I headed home to the best place I could ever imagine vacationing - Saskatchewan.

First order of business on the vacation was sitting down for a visit over some fresh garden veggies with my brother and sister-in-law when I arrived home. It's so lovely to have all of my immediate family so close by.

The second order of business was the most important during summertime in Saskatchewan - going to a football game. I hadn't been to a Roughriders home game since Labour Day Classic in 2007 so I was thoroughly looking forward to the match-up between the Riders and the Hamilton Ti-Cats at Taylor Field. The score wasn't what I'd hoped for but I sure had a great time at the game with my parents. Thanks again mom and dad!

From football in Regina I headed back to Saskatoon to spend a few days with my little sister and her boyfriend. We talked, we shopped, we did lunch, we laughed - we did all the things sisters are supposed to do. Love my sister to death and I'm so glad we could hang out together. I even got to spend some time catching up with old friends from high school - we all used to work at the same restaurant together!

Finally from Saskatoon I headed back home to the farm and then into Prince Albert to visit my grandparents and play a few tunes on my violin with my grandfather. We wrapped the week by heading up to my parent's new lake property at Emma Lake. We enjoyed the long weekend between the trailer and out boating on the lake. THIS is the kind of vacation that I love taking!

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  1. awesome pics andrea! looks like your parents are living the dream :)