Friday, May 7, 2010

Ensenada, Mexico

When we woke up Saturday morning we had sailed all the way from Long Beach, California right up to the docks in Ensenada, Mexico. We had booked a day tour that included visiting a naturally occurring blowhole and then a winery tour and tasting. We were pretty excited to get going and the day was gorgeous.

The blowhole didn't disappoint, shooting water hundreds of feet into their as the tides rushed in against the rocks. It was fun to watch people squeal as they got soaked by the spray! We browsed the nearby flea market afterwards and then tucked in to some homemade fare - TACOS.

We drove the coastline back into Ensenada and stopped at the St. Tomas winery. The second oldest winery in Mexico St. Tomas began prodution mostly to feel the wine needs for Catholic mass. The winery was started by the church but today produces and markets their wine publicly. We sampled some of their finest reds, whites and ports and then it was back on the bus back to the boat.

Saturday night was the "Captain's Dinner" so Bonnie, Amy and I got glammed up for the event. They had cheesy photo backdrops all over the ship and we hit up every backdrop, posing for photo after photo. After dinner we went to Rex Disco and danced the night away to 70s and 80s mixes.


  1. Loves the headband! Sounds like a good time - how was it being on a ship??
    You know Mike used to work across from the Chinese theatre? You were right at his work - LOL!

  2. LOL, well if Mike would've dropped me an e-mail we could've gone and visited him at his new work!

    Had a fantastic trip, lots to see and do. Want to go back to L.A. Want to join me?