Friday, May 7, 2010

This is L.A.!

So a while back I mentioned that I would be embarking on a new travel adventure with some great friends from Calgary as we planned to cruise to Ensenada, Mexico. Well it was an adventure and a half I can tell you!

On April 29th Bonnie, Amy and I set out from Calgary heading to Los Angeles, California where we would be boarding our cruise ship and setting sail the next day. Getting down to Calgary before departure came with its own perils though ~ we happened to get hit with a good old spring snowstorm the night before our departure (the picture below is the beginning of the storm from Curtis and Bonnie's backyard).

When we woke up the next morning to drive to the airport there was nearly a foot of snow on my poor car (and guess who took off their winter tires?), so we had to take Bonnie's little ninja car to the airport.

We were bustled through the check-in process, up to customs and then through security (we were running a bit late) and then ended up sitting in the plane for 2 hours while they de-iced us and fixed a mechanical problem with Engine #1.

Not to be deterred we finally arrived in L.A. to sunshine, wind and mostly friendly folks. We checked into our hotel and then spent the rest of the afternoon exploring and shopping our way around Long Beach. It was a full first day but we had a lot of fun and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Long Beach a bit better.

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  1. Nice... a cruise is something I've always wanted to go on. Looking forward to reading about that.