Thursday, May 24, 2012

May long shenanigans with the girls!

Hot on the heels of wrapping my second MACT spring institute came another annual tradition in my life - May long weekend with "the girls".

Context for those new to my blog, each May long I get together with my younger sister and two other girls as we all used to be English teachers in South Korea. We each take turns hosting a May long weekend and this year it was my turn.

True to form there was a lot of laughter over the weekend. We all try to stay in touch pretty regularly but between work, school, kids, families and distance it isn't always easy to get the four of us together.

Highlights from this year include: the never-ending marathon of Criminal Minds (so soothing for my school frazzled brain), people watching along Whyte Avenue and wardrobe malfunctions at Cook County Saloon (not us thankfully).

Thank you always Mel, Kelly and Meg for traveling and for making the weekend fun. Next year it's back to Saskatchewan!

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