Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas in Saskatchewan

I am a firm believer that there is no better place on earth to spend the Christmas holidays (or any holiday for that matter) then at my parent's house in rural Saskatchewan. This year was no exception as my parents made my time there full of great memories and visits shared with family and friends.

Every year at the Christmas dinner at my grandparents house I am struck with how musical our family is. I've vowed to pick up a violin this year and start lessons. It's my dream someday to play with my grandfather (although my grandma kicks butt too on bass guitar and saxophone).

Christmas also brought more Wii hilarity this year as we MarioKart'd our hearts out for three days straight. My mom is still the most entertaining Wii'er out there!

I've travelled the world but there is still no place like home.....


  1. Oh your grandparents are just absolutley gorgeous (oh how I would have loved to experience that evening with them... what precious, memories...and how cool is your Mum?!!!... a MarioKart devotee! Your family sounds absolutely delightful... mine has more dysfunction than you would ever want to know about. It's so unfortunate that our precious family memories will only ever extend only to the 4 corners of our little 4 member immediate family... us against the world. Hubby is swearing that we're going to be skiing in Canada next Christmas to avoid the dysfunction of a fractured family!! He's been watching the Olympic build up and is trying to work out how he could earn a living in Canada so we can live there forever! Wave some snow under his nose and he's gone. Happy, Happy New Year, my dear!... and thanks for sharing your lovely Christmas. A-M xx

  2. Who's that really cute girl with you in that last photo Andrea? haha

  3. Thanks for sharing your good times Andrea! No mystery as to where you got your pizazz....lovely family...and I love that you cherish them!
    Take good care and may 2010 bring you much peace, love and happiness!