Saturday, January 23, 2010

Edmonton Fantastic #1

So I've been thinking lately of posting about Edmonton (where I live) in a similar fashion to the way we structured the "Dave Special" posts when we were in Australia. Edmonton is a beautiful city with a lot to offer and I'd love to be able to update with photos and stories whenever I encounter something beautiful and unique about Edmonton. I'm going to start off with West Edmonton Mall which has defined Edmonton for nearly 30 years now. When I was growing up in Saskatchewan all I ever wanted to do was go to visit West Ed. Why?

West Edmonton Mall at one time was the biggest mall in North America. Done in three phases it houses a full waterpark (waterslides, wave pool, hot tubs), a skating rink, Galaxyland (with rollercoasters and other rides), a live seal/dolphin show, a shooting range, bowling alley, mini-golf, full IMAX theatre and a hotel along with countless stores, restaurants and an Asian supermarket chain. You can literally come for a week and not discover all this mall has to offer.

My parents came and experienced West Ed for their first time ever (well my mom was there for an hour once), and stayed at the Fantasyland Hotel attached to the mall. They have themed rooms that you can stay in so my parents spent three nights in one of the Polynesian rooms. It's kind of hokey (and in dire need of a renovation), but it still draws people in by the masses.


  1. Oh wow, now that's what I call a mall!! Hubby and I have just looked up Edmonton on the world map. We're plotting our fantasy trip to Canada as I have just re-established contact with a friend of mine from 27 years ago, who lives in Calgary and has a ski cabin in Panorama. You're so close too! Hmmm.... I can feel a trip to Canada comin' on. A-M xx

  2. Oh yes A-M! You must come and visit me or vice-versa if you make a trip to Alberta! How lovely that you have a friend living in Calgary and you can go to their cabin in Panorama. You will be addicted after your trip, I promise you!