Monday, January 25, 2010

Olympic spirit growing

We are only a few weeks away from the Olympics and the suspense is building. As I've said before, each night as I watch the TV coverage of the torch relay I get teary-eyed. The Olympic torch landed in Vancouver way back in October and made its way north and east. Once it reached the east coast of Canada it turned around to make the homestretch run back to Vancouver.

On January 12th the torch went through my hometown. I wish I could've been there but when I watched the TV coverage the night of the 12th and saw all of the people lined up and down Main Street in my hometown showing their enthusiasm for the torch runners I felt like I had been there. Luckily my mom was there with the camera snapping pictures for me! By the time the torch gets back to Vancouver there won't be a corner of this country that it hasn't touched or inspired. It is a unique feeling to be a part of this.

My good friend Kelly that I used to pump gas with back in the uni days in Saskatoon has got the enviable job of working in the athlete's village in Whistler during the Olympics and Paralympics. His pictures, stories and enthusiasm is catching and if you do one thing, then follow he and his wife's blog here.

Cheer us on in Vancouver in 2010!


  1. Oh our Aussie snowboarder, in with a chance for gold, had a shocking accident in practice today, in Canada.... concussion and hospital admission... they replayed the footage over and over on the news tonight and each time we went 'ooooh'.... poor thing. They think she'll be right for the Olympics. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! A-M xx

  2. Oh no A-M! Oi, Oi Oi! I'll be pulling for your gold medal chance!

  3. those are some seriously cool pictures from the torch run buddy! xo, courtney