Sunday, January 10, 2010


There is nothing that seems to make winter more quintessentially Canadian to me then getting a group of people together for a game of shinny. Shinny, or pond hockey as it is known, can be played on a pond but today we took our game to one of the outdoor rinks in the community.

I was the only girl playing today and I was a little apprehensive as I hadn't picked up a stick in over 10 years and hadn't skated in two. I didn't need to worry though ~ all of the time I spent rollerblading this summer helped me get right onto the ice and into the game with no difficulties.

It was a warm day today and we worked up a good lather trading passes, insults and scoring goals. I gave up the ghost after an hour but I'm so happy I put my skates on and got out there for a game. It helped me recall my glory days playing ringette in my hometown and playing recreational league hockey in university. This is just one more reason I love winter!

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  1. Oh what a gorgeous day! Oh and the snow and ice.... aaahhh. It's so hot here! A-M xx